Line border number 1

Welsh Grey Slate “Line Border Style” House Number


Line border style house number sign with a smooth honed face
Engraved and Either left as natural  finish for a long lasting, maintenance free life, or with a painted finish to highlight the lettering.

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Product Description

Natural Welsh Grey Slate “Line Border” style house numbers.

Stone thickness: 15-30mm.

Fixing methods: You can have your sign drilled for screw fixing, we supply stainless steel dome head screws with each sign.

You can also opt for Hidden Pins, (25-30 mm thick slate)

This method of fixing a house sign seems to frighten some people but it is in fact very easy!
Our hidden fixing house NUMBERS are hung on one stainless steel pin fixed into the back of the stone – the pin set at a downward angle.
The pins are supplied loose and will need to be glued into place in the back of the stone – If you are using a Fix-all type of adhesive gluing the pins the day before is a good idea.
You can use any STRONG adhesive – Araldite types are good! (we do not fit them before delivery as they are prone to damage during transport).
Simply measure the location of the pin and drill a hole in the wall at a downward angle.
The drilled hole can be quite a bit bigger than the diameter of the pin, and because the holes are bigger do not even need to be drilled very accurately.
The sign can now be hung completely securely from the pin.
The sign can now be permanently “fixed” into place using cement or adhesive.

Signs can be left not drilled for setting into a wall or cement render.