Commemorative plaque 40 x 25
Rockborder commemorative plaque 50 x 30.Commemorative plaque 35×25Commemorative Plaque 30 x 23Commemorative-plaque-25×15Buff Yorkstone commemorative plaque 50 x 40 cm.Commemorative plaque 40×25Commemorative garden Plaque 50 x 30 cmWelsh Grey Slate commemorative plaque 40 x 25.

Commemorative Plaques


We engrave commemorative plaques in Welsh slate, Yorkstone and Sandstone.
The deep engraved, natural finished lettering is maintenance free and will remain readable for many decades.

Plaque Size: The size of plaque you need may depend on the amount of text you want engraved. As there is a practical limit how small we can deep engrave lettering, we strongly recommend you contact our free design service.

If you do not specify a preferred size of plaque, we will normally send a draft for both the smallest size we can fit your inscription on – and the size we think is most suitable.

Fonts: Please see here for our range of favourite Font Styles
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Product Description

WE ONLY SUPPLY NATURAL (UNPAINTED ) DEEP ENGRAVED LETTERING: We recommend this option as the maintenance free option ideal for all exterior and interior commemorative plaques.
WHICH TYPE OF STONE TO CHOOSE? All of the stones we supply are hard wearing and weather resistant, highly suitable for both interior and exterior plaques. Each type of stone has it’s own attributes apart from colour. The thickness of the stone may be the deciding factor. Please see below some information that may help you choose.
BUFF YORKSTONE 40mm thick: Very weather resistant Ideal for exterior and interior plaques. The 40mm thickness may be an issue if you are going to mount the plaque on the face of the wall indoors where the projecting stone may be a problem. However this thickness does make Yorkstone ideal for building-in to brickwork or for memorial ground plaques, or exterior wall plaques using hidden pins. 
SANDSTONE CREAM OR GOLD 20mm thick: Very strong with superb weathering properties, ideal for exterior and interior plaques or wall and ground sited memorials Generally drilled for screw fixing for wall mounting, however the relative thinness does make these suitable for glue fixing to a wall.
WELSH SLATE 20- 40mm thick: The weathering properties of Welsh slate are legendary, available in various thickness’s so suitable for any type of commemorative or memorial plaque. Thinner plaques can be drilled for screw fixing or glued, thicker pieces are ideal for building-in or ground plaques.
SIZES: We have a range of standard sizes, please see drop down box above.We can cut special sizes at no extra cost.


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