Our Guarantee

We take great pride in our work and our commitment to customer service.

We will send you a confirmation of your order and a draft layout of your House sign or House Number and will not manufacture until you have confirmed that you are happy with your layout.

We despatch all bespoke items within 30 days and most House signs and House Numbers are sent within 14-30 days (depending on our workload).
If an item ordered is subject to delay we will always do our best to keep you informed.

We are makers and engravers of all types of House signs and House Numbers in many types of natural materials. It is in the very nature of these materials that they are subject to some variations in shape, colour and size.

However, if you are unhappy with any House sign or House Number we supply, just return it undamaged to us within seven days and we will always, either offer a replacement – or a full refund less postage.

If your house sign is damaged in transit or damaged in the post, simply contact us imediately and email a photograph to us showing the damage, on the day you receive the delivery and we will replace the sign regardless of any insurance claim we may have with the carrier.
We have a strong commitment to customer service, if you have any concerns about our work or service please feel free to CONTACT US and we will always do our very best to correct the problem and turn you into a happy customer!