Custom Designs.

Our website is new! This page is therefore something of a “work in progress”. We still have a lot more to upload, our apologies!

We specialize in custom design bespoke house signs.

If you have special requirements for the design of your house sign or plaque and would like a custom image or a particular style of layout you have come to the right place!
We can design a house sign or plaque to suit any type of stone, slate or granite and we are happy to quote you for special non-standard sizes. Simply email us with your ideas and let us come up with the designs!
We will send you email drafts of the design and you can decide if it is what you want. There is no obligation to buy, and the service is free!
Simply email us with as much information as possible, ideally – type of stone – the size of sign – preferred font – and a general guide to the layout and theme.

Below we have shown just a few examples of the bespoke designs we have created over the years, you can click on each image to see a larger version.

York stone 60 cm Stone Circle. celtic style font. Appletree motif.

This large 60 cm Yorkstone circle feature stone was mounted high up on to the gable end of a new house. The wording had to be readable from the ground and the engraved tree easily visible.

The tree motif was redrawn to reflect the wording engraved around the rim of the stone. The “Appletree” Motif is an original Stoneengravings design. For this plaque we exaggerated the roots of the tree, we now use this version as our standard motif as we like it so much!



Yorkstone commemorative Garden plaque 50 x 30 cm. Chancery and Arial fonts.

This was really interesting to draw! The inspirational text laid out as a crossword puzzle.

The Yorkstone garden plaque was sited in the school garden. It is nice to think of the children puzzling out the wording and running their fingers over the engraved lettering.

It is working on projects like this that makes our work such fun!






Yorkstone house name plaque with Spitfire carving.

Times Font, Size 43 x 28 cm.

Sometimes it can be the simple requests that “make our day”.

Surprisingly we had never been asked for a Spitfire motif before.

It was a pleasure to research the aircraft pictures and to draw an image that is so iconic.

The Spitfire motif definitely looks best carved in-relief, the rocky background seems to hint at cloud cover!


Old style magic squares stone, masonic.

This was unusual!

This is known as a magic numbers plaque or the thirty three stone.

Each line, whether up or down, left to right or diagonal adds up to thirty three.

The number thirty three has special significance for many people.

We were asked to make the plaque look like individual small stones and to “age” the finished stone to give an antique weathered look.


Customers photo od engraved Carp in sandstone

We were asked to custom design a gable end date stone for a new-build house.

The customer is a really keen Carp fisherman, he asked us to draw up a Mirror Carp motif.

We wanted to do more than just an outline, so we eventually came up with this.

As the stone was to be mounted high up, we decided to paint the image. However this fish looks equally good  deep engraved and left unpainted.



Yorkstone logo stone

We do often accept commissions from commercial firms for business signs and commemorative plaques.

On this Yorkstone circle stone we reproduced the company logo, image and matching fonts.

The logo deeply engraved in-relief for a long life.



Welsh slate house name plate with circus big top theme.

Welsh Slate, Timpani font.

A lot of our work is just plain fun!

When we were asked to design something for this address, the design for this house number plate just seemed to leap out from the drawing board.

It is a very simple idea that works so well.

Sadly, no room for clowns and an Elephant!



Cats Welcome. Ornate script font, 30 x 20 cm size

Cats Welcome. Ornate script font, 30 x 20 cm size

Pet lovers are a determined bunch. This lady wanted her house sign to feature a whole cat family, nothing less would do!

We came up with this, our Cat Family Welcome plaque.

This was the first of our animal family themed signs, since the we have added Fox, Chicken, Duck, and of course Dog family signs to our range.








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