About Us

A warm welcome to Stoneengravings!

We thought it might be nice if we introduced ourselves! So many web based businesses try to remain anonymous and remote from their customers, we thought you might like to know who we are.

Stoneengravings is a small family business based in the New Forest.

Steve Walker has been a Stone and marble mason for 45 years and has been engraving stone house signs for twenty years and is now enjoying his work more than ever!
“I didn’t really start work as a stonemason when the ‘old king’ was on the throne, it just seems like it sometimes! If you have an idea for a house sign, or a commemorative plaque you would like to discuss please email us with with the details and we will do my best to oblige.”

Marie Walker keeps the accounts doles out the pocket money and generally runs a tight ship on the finances of the business.
“I have to keep a close watch on the other two, they have a habit of ‘playing’, buying new types of stone or trying new design ideas, every now and again I have to crack the whip and remind them there is real work to do!”

Helen Walker has been working (and playing!) on natural stone since she was a small child. She has designed many of the exclusive Stoneengravings house signs and unique images used on our House name plaques.
“Hi! I have always loved the feel, look and texture of natural stone. Nothing else compares. The colour and variation make for house signs full of character and interest!  

We can engrave on almost any natural material: Stone, Granite or Slate. We make bespoke house signs, house signs with a theme such as pets or sport, or simple contemporary house signs, we also make pet memorials, corporate signs and commemorative plaques as well as a range of gifts and decorative items.

We do not use artificial materials, no composites or concrete for us!

All of the photographs on our site are real house signs and plaques etc made by us. The photographs were taken by us or sent to us by our terrific customers. We send our house signs, house numbers, and commemorative plaques all over the UK so we seldom get to see them in-situ. It is one of the great pleassures in life to get a photographof one of our signs or plaques in its final home.



We do all of our own Artwork and in the years we have built up a huge collection of motif images: Dogs, Cats, Horses and other animals, Sports, Spiritual, Aum and Chinese symbols etc. suitable for our house signs and the collection grows almost daily!
The engraving process we use, cuts the motif deeply into the house sign material forming a permanent image.
If you have any questions about our house signs or house number signs or if you have any ideas you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to contact us and have a chat.

Please feel free to CONTACT US if you have any queries about our house signs or house number signs or any of our products or services.